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PS Group Offer

  • Media & Event Planning
  • Street Billboard & Supermarket Billboard Adv
  • Radio/TV Program
  • CSR activities with School Base Social Work Programs
  • Mentoring & Counseling Programs
  • Youth & Youth & Risk Programs
  • Educational TV Programs
  • Edutainment Programs
  • School Development Programs (Based in School)
  • Overseas Humanitarian Tour
  • Office Seasonal Decoration
  • Product Branding /Launching/
  • Media Kit
  • Event Planning Management
  • Advertizing & Billboard Adv
  • Game and Entertainment
  • Kid/Youth TV Program
  • Youth Documentary Series
  • School Outreach Programs
  • Children’s Wish Project
  • Lunch Box Fund Project
  • Mobile Library Project
  • Event & Workshop

Media Planning & Advertizing
It is about more than just reaching the right audience with the right message. We need to have a 360 degree understanding of our client's target audience before we consider any specific media.
Advertising on TV & Radio is at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers.
we provide our clients with a complete media management solution

Event management
Offer the entire range of services inclusive of Product Launches, Conferences, Press Conferences, Dealers Meet, Theme Stalls, Road Shows, Corporate Social Responsibilities / Family Day Parties/Educational Support Activities/School Based Social Program.
we offer services beyond planning and execution of an event.

Film Production
Its core mission is to promote human rights awareness in Burma/Myanmar by using the power of film, the persuasive strength of audiovisual communication (the “seeing is believing” factor) and to create a space for encouraging human rights discussions amongst the general public in Burma/Myanmar. By Producing documentary series, short film and educational support series locally or internationally to support human rights issue in Myanmar.

CSR Planning and Educational Support Program
A CSR project is a responsibility of the corporates to the society. Being responsible, our clients would expect efficient on-ground execution, regular updates, transparent reporting and PR mileage .PS offer to plan for CSR activities to our client with effective way with school based social program and based human needs. Go beyond a traditional CSR program and make it more visible and engaging

Decoration & Installation
If someone makes a great first impression, you'll look back over your shoulder one last time as you part ways. A good sign will have the same effect, being the first thing your customer sees, and the last. Though a sign traditionally plays only a practical, demarcating role, it can also fulfill an aesthetic one.
We offer our clients to office and event decoration with materials.

Public Relation
Digital technology has created more platforms from which to project brand and product messages to consumers. There has been investment in finding ways to enhance brand communications online and to engage an increasingly technological audience. This means that new companies and jobs are being created to keep up with the growing demand. We are versatile in updating ourselves constantly with skills to keep abreast of the latest developments.
We analyze consumer behavior and their digital habits and move away from 'intuition-driven marketing' and make decisions based on analytics.