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PS Films aim to produce documentaries, short films and feature films. PS Films won the awards from China and Central Asia. PS films are more focusing to make documentaries about youth and women concern with education, abuse, child labor and human trafficking. Produced films from PS Films are screening around the International Human Rights Festivals and International TV Channel such as CCTV.
Using Films & Media tools, Kids and Youths in Myanmar will be more receptive and forthcoming in equipping themselves not only in Academic field but also in social emotional skills that develop them into a better individual in the future.

  1. Youth & Education 5min (Documentary 2013)
    1. Exit 3 min (Silence Short Film 2013)
    2. TV Program on MRTV4 National Channel (Samsung Scholarship TV Program since 2014)
    3. RULA 8 min (Short Film 2015) Award Winning Short Films from China
  2. Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival 2015 (Official Selection)
  3. International Children's TV Festival 'Dytiatko' Ukraine 2015 (Official Selection ) (Nomination for the best children short film)
  4. Asia International Youth Short Film Festival  2015 (Wenzhou, China ) (Official Selection) (Nomination for the best actress)
  5. Asia International Micro Film Festival 2015 (Lin Cang, China) ( Asia Micro Film Golden Begonia Award/The Best  International Short Film Award)
  6. Charred Brick 15 min (Documentary 2015) Award Winning Documentary from Central Asia)
  1. Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival 2015 (Official Selection)
  2. Human Rights International Film Festival, Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan 2015 (Official Selection) (People Choice Award)
  3. Jeevika:  Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival 2015 (New Deli, India) (Official Selection)
  4. Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival 2015 (Afghanistan) (Official Selection)
  5. Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2015 ( Best Best Human Rights Official Nomination)
  6. A boy’s Journey (Feature Documentary) (Dare to Dream Project) Still in Production (supported by Step & In-Docs) International Productions
  7. She names as Potato (Documentary 2016)



PS Managing Director
Filmmaker / Producer


SEIN LYAN TUN is an international award winning filmmaker. He won the awards from China and Central Asia. He is focusing to make documentaries and short films about youth and women concern with education, Child Labor, abuse & Human Trafficking. His films are screening around the Human Rights International Film Festivals.

He hopes that by using media tool, it will be more receptive and forthcoming in equipping themselves.

He is also Script Supervisor and Program Director for "Samsung Scholarship" TV Program which was shown in every Saturday at 4pm MRTV4 national television channel since 2014.

Sein Lyan Tun, over the 9 years of working in Cyprus and Singapore, has never fails to stimulate his ideas on how well he can do more for the community.



Production Director
PS Flim Production


Phyo Nge works as camera man at Miracle Post Media House since he was graduated till 2015 end. He also learned editing and Portrait photography. He has a lot of experience with Events and making corporate videos such as TMW Enterprise and MCF.  

He become Production Director and he took a lot of TVC project such as Up Energy Drink, Wisara Cross & Tower.

He is a editor and director of photography for “Charred Brick” and “RULA” which won international award from China and Central Asia.


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Charred Brick

A young boy from small village who works off job for living and looking after his family. He sometimes goes to evening NFPE (Non Formal Primary Education) School. He wants to study like day school student but he always struggling with work and taking care of family. He has a dream but what is his future would be?


A poor girl who likes school unifrom. One day she got a school text book by chance and ask her father to teach her. But what is behind?